The State of the Kilis Quilt Art Today


  • Semra KILIÇ KARATAY Dr. Lecturer, Aksaray University, Faculty of Education, Fine Arts Education, Picture – Work,



Quilt, Art, Pattern, Hand, Culture


Quilt is an art that has existed in the culture of every nation in the world and continues to exist today. The artists, craftsmen and apprentices engaged in this art are also trying to adapt the quilt art to today's modern life. The quilt is a large cover for covering, and the inside is a material that was previously filled with wool and now cotton or fiber and used to protect from the cold.

There are handicrafts performed today in Kilis. Our handicrafts such as quilting, yemenism, embroidery, wickerwork, copper making, wire breaking and wood carving are among our arts.

Time-varying patterns, composition and materials used are seen as a means of communication used to express people's ideas and thoughts to the environment. The motifs used in Kilis quilts originated from the stylization of objects around people and are today still mentioned by the people of Kilis with these names.

With this field research, information about Kilis quilt art, tools and equipment used, patterns and meanings and their current status are collected and it is aimed to share this information as written literature.


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